the god architect #4

Reader, this journey is coming to an end. take a good look, because this is the last time we will see this world. Copper Leviathan will move on to new horizons. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Alexander sat semi-limp, his back to the car’s tire. Tiny drops of blood kept rolling down from the […]

The cost for love

Reader, it’s St. Valentine’s day. I suggest you look over yonder and listen to the story that man at the bar has to tell. Today I asked for the best Scotch they have, you know? It’s the perfect occasion to spend a little bit more. After all, this is the last day when I’m still […]

Reader, have you felt it?

Reader, are you afraid? Of course, you shouldn’t be while you’re aboard the Copper Leviathan. Here you are my guest, my friend. But do you have this one particular fear – The fear of death? Now, now, I know what you want to say to me. Everyone fears death. It’s a thing that most people […]

The God Architect #3

  “Reader, look and listen, I have more to tell You…” Part 1 here Part 2 here Alexander turned the car, so its side would be facing the wall of agents. Amelia gestured for everyone to aim and get ready to open suppressing fire on her command. If he used the car as a cover, […]

The god architect #2

“Reader, the story isn’t finished yet…” Part 1 here. Today luck had smiled upon Alexander. Despite being chased by armed agents that wanted to capture him of course. Right before him, in the middle of the road, stood two black hummers acting as a roadblock that the agency had set up here. They probably didn’t […]

The last snowy nights

Dear Reader, today I sadly inform you that winter, in one of the worlds that I hold very dear to me, is already releasing its grasp on the land. For me, it is too soon. Maybe you are fond of warmer days when the sun shines down on the green meadows. But for me, the […]